Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko Shines This Summer!

Tapu Koko in game

Celebrate the Legendary Pokémon Shiny Tapu Koko in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, the Pokémon TCG, and beyond!

Get Shiny Tapu Koko!

Add the majestic Shiny version of Tapu Koko to your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game via Nintendo Network! Ordinarily yellow, the Shiny version of the Island Guardian's shell-like arms are black, giving it an instantly recognizable look.

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Have Electrifying Battles!

This Tapu Koko is not just special in its appearance, but in its skill in battle. Set the tempo with Tapu Koko's Electric Surge Ability, which creates an Electric Terrain when Tapu Koko enters the field. If Tapu Koko is holding the Electric Seed it comes with, the Pokémon's Defense will also increase!

Tapu Koko's signature Nature's Madness move halves the HP of its target, and two Electric-type moves, Discharge and Electro Ball, are sure to shock your opponent's Pokémon in multiple ways. Plus, with the Speed-boosting Agility move, you can stay one step ahead of your foe.

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Unleash Powerful Z-Moves!

When Tapu Koko is holding a Z-Crystal, it can become even more powerful! Have it hold Tapunium Z to convert its Nature's Madness move into the huge Guardian of Alola attack, which knocks off 75% of the target's HP. Or give it Electrium Z to unlock the Gigavolt Havoc attack, which deals an unbelievable 160 base damage.

Pokémon: Tapu Koko

Electric / Fairy
Electric Surge
Held Item:
Electric Seed
Nature's Madness
Electro Ball

To get Tapu Koko in your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game:

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    1Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
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    2Select Receive Gift.
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    3Select Get via Internet, and then Yes to connect to the Internet.
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    4Watch as you receive Tapu Koko.
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    5Speak to the delivery person in any Pokémon Center to pick up Tapu Koko.
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    6Be sure to save your game!

Tapu Koko will be available via Nintendo Network fromJuly 14 to August 14, 2017.Be sure to get it while you can!

Tapu Koko in the Pokémon TCG

The Legendary Pokémon Tapu Koko makes a huge debut in the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising expansion and numerous special collections. Take a look at where you can find Tapu Koko-GX to add to your collection or enhance your deck.
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Tapu Koko-GX

The majestic Tapu Koko is on full display inside and out in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising expansion. Art of the Pokémon is featured on booster packs, shown soaring over the land it protects. The Tapu Koko-GX card also soars with its incredible Aero Trail Ability and potent Sky-High Claws attack, and Tapu Koko-GX's devastating Tapu Thunder-GX attack has the potential to shift a battle in a flash. Discover the power of Tapu Koko-GX in the Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising expansion!

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Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box

The greatness of Tapu Koko shines in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box. This outstanding collection contains all the tools you need to be ready for your next big battles, including stylish card sleeves featuring Tapu Koko, a player’s guide to the expansion, and much more. Compete in Alola style with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box.

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Pokémon TCG: Tapu Koko Figure Collection

Tapu Koko is one of the guardian Pokémon of the Alola region, with a deep connection to the land itself! With the Tapu Koko Figure Collection, you get Tapu Koko both as a wild sculpted figure and as a never-before-seen foil promo card. Stand ready to guard the islands with Tapu Koko!

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Pokémon TCG: Island Guardians Tins

Stand ready with Tapu Koko-GX or Tapu-Bulu-GX in each Pokémon TCG: Island Guardians Tin! Choose the electric mischief of Tapu Koko-GX or the relentless vines of Tapu Bulu-GX. Each of these beautiful tins contains all the astonishing power of a strange and mysterious Pokémon-GX who stands as a defender of the land!

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Pokémon TCG: Tapu Koko Pin Collection

The Tapu Koko Pin Collection showcases the Island Guardian Tapu Koko with a fun collector's pin, as well as an awesome promo card. The Tapu Koko Pin Collection also contains three Pokémon TCG booster packs to expand your collection and get you ready for your next exciting battle!

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Shiny Tapu Koko-GX Box

Shiny Tapu Koko-GX blazes its Aero Trail and brings the power of thunder to your next battle! With the Shiny Tapu Koko-GX Box, you get Shiny Tapu Koko both as a huge oversize Pokémon-GX card and as a playable foil promo card! Stand ready to guard the islands with Shiny Tapu Koko!

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Shiny Tapu Koko Plush

Take a look at two Tapu Koko plush in the Pokémon Center, showing off the normal and Shiny versions of the Legendary Pokémon! Both the yellow and black plush capture the Alola spirit of the powerful Island Guardian. Quantities are limited, so check out the Tapu Koko and Shiny Tapu Koko plush in the Pokémon Center today.

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Shiny Tapu Koko Trainer Apparel!

If you're a Pokémon Trainer Club member, you can give your Trainer the cool look of Shiny Tapu Koko with new items in the Pokémon Trainer store! Show off legendary style with the complete set of Shiny Tapu Koko clothes and accessories, or mix and match with other Trainer apparel in your collection.

Animated Adventures with Tapu Koko!

The mysterious Tapu Koko takes a prominent role in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. Take a look at early episodes featuring this Island Guardian as Ash and Pikachu discover the power of Z-Moves with the help of Tapu Koko!